Mental Health Awareness for everyone

A fully trained psychiatric Mental Health Nurse with over 23 years of dedication and devotion to mental health and well-being


I offer a range of bespoke mental health services designed to help improve your mental health and overall well-being.

We can work together on many aspects that could possibly be troubling you. Here are a few common areas that some people encounter in their lifetime. Please note that I can help support other mental health areas but below are the most common conditions.


I have dedicated my life to the mental well-being of my patients from a forensic setting to those who seek help with self-confidence, self-esteem, grief, the breakdown in a relationship, or in recent times dealing with the effects and after-effects of covid.

Donna Marie


Passing of a loved one, or a painful relationship ending can at times be overwhelming.


Stress & PTSD

Divorce |Moving |Major illness or injury |Job loss – all can be stressful events in our lives



don’t suffer in silence. many of us have at some point in our lives suffered from depressive episodes



can affect anyone, any age, any gender. linked with depression it can be debilitating


A few kind words…

I have known Donna since 2007. We met through the Oxfordshire County Council/Brookes University Homeshare Scheme.

Donna helped me care for my father in his last years.

Donna is simply amazing, so caring and supportive, especially to those in need.

Donna went on to provide live in support & care for an elderly friend of mine who I had known for 50 years. Donna and I are still very much in touch.

I would recommend Donna unreserved as someone who provides reassurance particularly in your greatest time of need.

Donna is totally exceptional.

Tim Cadel, Oxford. 2023.

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